Project Name: Establishment of an integrated poultry production and by-product processing unit (2003-2005, spin off till 2007)
Key Words:: Business development, international expansion, management and husbandry development, marketing improvement, poultry slaughtering and processing, chain management
Description: The project aims to create an infrastructure for Dutch processing company to invest in a poultry slaughterhouse in Ukraine and to be followed by investment in further processing facility and the production of MDM. The production and marketing structure will be set up for poultry meat via joint venture with Ukrainian partner. Knowledge transfer will take place in the subjects of management, marketing modern husbandry and chain management.
Assignment: Senter PSO Business to Business Program PSO/B2B/03 Ukraine

Project Name: Investment study regarding the investment in poultry production in Lviv Region
Key words: Business development in poultry sector. Dutch poultry producers, processor and suppliers are assisted to develop an investment plan jointly with relevant Ukrainian partners. The whole production chain is taken in account as well as investment climate etc.
Assignment: Private, PESP (2001-2002)

Project Name: Demonstration Project in Lviv (1995)
Key Words:: Demonstration project, agricultural technology, dairy sector, potato sector, vegetable sector.
Description: Demonstrating Netherlands agricultural technology and know-how in the dairy, potato and vegetable sector, providing the counter part with equipment and goods for all three sectors (dairy farm including heifers; field equipment, storage and grading equipment, seed potatoes, vegetable seeds, etc.); Technical assistance/training for the implementation of the project.
Assignment: Senter, the Netherlands, PSO programme

Project Name: Identification Mission Meat Processing (1995)
Key Words:: Project formulation
Description: Identification mission, during which the Terms of Reference for the establishment and operation of a demonstration meat processing plant were formulated. This project is to be implemented within the framework of the bilateral governmental Netherlands-Ukrainian Programme for Co-operation with Central and Eastern Europe (PSO).
Assignment: Senter, the Netherlands, PSO programme

Project Name: Feasibility study regarding the innovation of the agri-food sector in the region of Kiev.
Key Words:: Business development for dairy sector suppliers and investors. A number of Ukrainian dairy production complexes are analysed; investment capacity and planning.
Assignment: Private, FMO-IBTA (1993 – 1994)

Project Name: Dairy Sector Development Project Lviv Region (1999-2000) Improvement of the dairy chain: dairy farms, dairy factories, dairy sector plan, dairy business service centre, farm shops, milk recording system, breeding and quality control
Description: The overall objective of the project is to improve the dairy sector in Lvov region, as a whole, through the establishment of an integrated “modus operandi” in the milk production chain from primary producers through an adequate milk collection and -processing scheme to the final consumers. The project aims to demonstrate in two pilot districts the immediate and long term economical benefits of an integrated system of operation in the milk production chain. :Senter, the Netherlands, PSO programme
Assignment: Farmco, Delta, Pebaco, Witteveen &; Bos, SSP Lichtenvoorde, Brouwers Stalinrichting, Koudijs Veevoeders, Barenbrug

Project Name: Seed Development; Training for the Ukraine Germplasm Maintenance Program (1998-1999)
Description: Training programme for the experts and scientists of the three institutes of the Ukrainian Agriculture Academy of Science in the latest developments in biotechnology, plant breeding, multi-location variety testing, automation and information technology as well as training in repair and the maintenance of field and laboratory equipment. Supply of computer hardware, software, training equipment and materials. The World Bank / EBRD
Assignment: The World Bank / EBRD