Project Name: Strengthening the National Veterinary Diagnostic Service in Latvia (2001-2002)
Key Words: EU-preaccession, institutional development, accreditation of veterinary laboratories, establishment of reference lab for Rabies on Baltic scale.
Description: Restructuring of the National Veterinary Laboratories (NVL) and Regional laboratories based on a strategy plan and implementing a laboratory Information system. Assistance to the accreditation of the NVL and the National Reference laboratory for Rabies. Assistance to the implementation of the Veterinary Information system with a specific focus on the Identification and Registration of livestock. Formulation and implementation of secondary legislation. Training of inspectors and commercial operators
Assignment: Agriment International b.v.; SENTER, Dutch bilateral program PSO (PSO0/LV/9/10)
Affiliation: ALC (consortium partner), ID-Lelystad

Project Name: Strengthening of Food Control in the Food and Veterinary Service in Latvia (2003 – 2004)
Key Words: EU-pre-accession, institutional development, harmonisation of inspection methods for food inspection, training and information centre.
Description: The Latvian State Food and Veterinary Service is assisted in upgrading of food inspection programs in retail, catering and plant products processing sector. Inspectors are trained and training capacity of the SFVS established in Jelgava. Specific
Assignment: SENTER, Dutch bilateral program PSO (PPA02/LV/9/2)

Project Name: Strengthening of Feed Control in Food and Veterinary Service in Latvia (2004 – 2005)
Key Words: Institutional development, EU-preaccession, legislation, inspections and control, HACCP
Description: Contribution to the accession of Latvia to the EU. In particular, assistance in strengthening of the system of inspection, control and self control in the Latvian animal feeding stuff sector in the area of food safety and quality according to EU standards. The project sustainability will secured by participative / interactive policy development, commitment of private sector and establishment of bi-, multilateral Dutch-Latvian relations.
Assignment: SENTER, Dutch bilateral program PSO
(PPA03/LV/9/1); In consortium with Rikilt, TNO Food and Nutrition, Stichting Schothorst, Product Board for Feed, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Dutch Food Authority, Latvian Food and Veterinary Service, Latvian Veterinary Faculty and Latvian Ministry of Agriculture.