Project Name: Poultry Integration (1998-2001)
Key Words: business development, feasibility studies, chain development, sector study, market research
Description: Review of the business possibilities in the poultry sector in Poland.
Assignment: Private business donors

Project Name: Support to the Food Industry in Assurance of Food Safety and Quality (1998-1999)
Key Words: Training, practical implementation of HACCP in companies, development of information centres, development of national guides
Description: Activities included:
Train the trainers/consultants Implementation of HACCP in 10 companies (both meat as fruit and vegetable sector) Training of company personnel in HACCP, Development of national guides for use by the industry, Development of information centres, Organisation of a national seminar
Assignment: Agriment International b.v.; Commission of the European Union, FAPA, Poland (projectnr: pl9607-01-12 and )

Project Name: Adjustment of institutional and organisational structures of the pig breeding sector in Poland in line with European Union requirements (2002 – 2004)
Key Words: EU-pre-accession, institutional development, implementation of governmental supervisory structure, strengthening of involvement of private sector in pig breeding policy.
Description: Assessment of Polish legislation on pig breeding and formulation of necessary adjustments according EU-legislation. Design and implement the new breeding structure with private entities and supervisory body for the approval of breeding organisations. Strengthening of the communication between all parties related to the pig production.
Assignment: VRIAN projects consortium. Dutch partner: Product board for Meat, livestock and eggs. SENTER, Dutch bilateral program PSO (PPA01/PL/9/2)