Project Name: Strengthening capacity for the implementation of HACCP principles in institutional kitchens (MAT07/HR/9/2; 2007 – 2009)
Description: The Croatian Sanitary Inspection under the Ministry of Health is assisted in the development and implementation of the Good Hygienic Practice codes for the kitchens of hospitals. Later the code will be introduced in other institutional kitchens such as schools, army bases, elderly homes etc. Besides the implementation also the legal framework is to be adjusted for the purpose of authorisation and control of the GHP code.
Assignment: EVD, Dutch bilateral program of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Under the lead of Q-point and in cooperation with the Dutch State Inspection for Food and Ware (VWA) and University for Food Management in Nijmegen. VRIAN is responsible for the implementation of legal framework related to GHP and training of food inspectors

Project Name: Transposition & implementation of EU legislation relating to the protection of animals transported within the territory of the Republic of Croatia & transported internationally, PPA06/HR/9/1 (2007-2009)
Description: Assisting the Croatian Veterinary Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture to implement the regulation EC 1/2005 on the animal welfare during transport. The projects aims at the harmonisation of the legal framework, the establishment of an effective operational inspection organisation and the information and awareness raising of private operators.
Assignment: EVD, Dutch bilateral program PPA.
In alliance with FARMCO, Dutch state Food and Ware Inspection (VWA), the inspection service of Dutch ministry of Agriculture (AID), Control body for animal quality systems (CBD),